Hi Damion,

There are still basic concepts i don't know how to code in vb, like how 
to make it
wait, how to create arrays, how to use timers, position forms...
End Snip

When you mean make it wait are you waiting on a certain sound to finish, 
wait for a Windows message cue, or what exactly do you need to know 
about waiting.
As far as arrays goes any VB book has good documentation on how to 
create an array. They are actually quite easy to work with.
As far as timers goes those are easy as well. Select one from the 
toolbox, place it on your form, and go in to it's properties. Name it, 
set it for how many cycles per second you want it to update, and press 
enter on the timer control and VB will nicely create the function for 
you. From that point just put code in it like any other function that 
needs to be updated every so many times per second. All you need to do 
from that point is enable or disable the timer in another function like 
GameTimer.Enabled = True.
As far as potioning forms I don't see you needing to fool with Forms 
much. The only major form you will have to deal with is the main form 
where your game code will go.

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