Oh, I see. Well, I recommend putting on VS.NET Express 2005.  VS.NET 
2003 was known for huge crashes and VS.NET 2002 was worse.
If they are using Super Nova it was no wonder the IDE sucked. Super Nova 
isn't known for supporting Visual Studio anything very well. For that 
you need Jaws 7 or Window Eyes 5.5 or later to be effective.

x-sight interactive wrote:
> it wasn't actually my computer i tried it on it was one of the college's
> that i go to.
> they run windows xp service pack 2 and supernova (what??? yuck!!! lol) as
> their screenreader. i don't know what the versions are for the ide and the
> net stuff, it wasn't 2005 express though they bought a proper license for
> it. could've been 2003.
> regards,
> damien

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