Hi all
I want to give you some hints about self-destruct and some problems I came
Self-destruct, on all 4 difficulties: easy, normal, hard and insane is all
right from levels 1 to 9. Level 10 is a real pain on all 4 levels especially
on insane. On insane you begin each level with 50 health points so the
moment you kill the first urchin immediately buy some health as well as some
bullets. Don't try moving to rooms trying to find stuff such as the key to
room0, your moves is only 40. Rather stay in that room where you were
teleported to when you entered level10 and fight the urchins from there. I
find that the urchins firing make it impossible for me to hear my gold,
health and bullets remaining.  They fire to quickly so by the time I want to
hear my health by pressing h and trying to listen to sappi I'm already
killed. So I find it better to kill only a few urchins with my gun and buy
mines to kill the rest of them. I find it better to buy a few mines than to
go to the bottom of the grid to get the bag of mines, because the urchins
moves to fast, I can't move around in the grid and fire at the same time. So
by setting mines I managed to kill the urchins coming at me. My only hope
then is to either kill the alpha urchin or try to fire at the type of shy
urchin, which makes a short squeak and then teleport if he sees me. But if
you manage to fire At him before he can teleport he changes to the type of
urchin that laughs and then you can kill him and get more gold. Or if you
are lucky you can find the pass chip And Processor but that happens very
The urchins  on level 10 also makes it impossible sometimes to go into the
store. Because while I'm fighting an urchin  my energy gets depleted before
he is dead,  then I have to quickly buy some more health and energy. By the
time I pressed d to go into the mini computer |I'm already killed before I
can go into the store.
So on the battle field I managed to kill the urchin lord by standing in the
middle of the battle field and then holding down my control key because it
seems as if I have unlimited ammo in the urchin lord battle. On easy, normal
and hard it works to stand at the top left corner and holding down control
but when you try that on insane the urchin lord will dodge your attacks, you
will only manage to drain him half of his health and he will kill you but if
you stand in the middle of the battle field you will successfully kill him
i.e you must stand on space  10 10 because the battle field is 20 by 20
large. Press r to hear where on the battle field you are.
The manual says that in insane the alpha urchin will set mines that will
kill me but I never stepped into any mines because when the alpha urchin
laughs at me and I don't have enough bullets to fire at him I move 2 rooms
away in another direction. If it is true what the manual says that he sets
mines in insane, I would have stepped into a mine.
On the upper floor where you must avoid holes in the floor I find that sappi
doesn't always warn me of a hole. Especially in room1 on the upper floor. It
happens many times to me that I go right and fall down a hole, but I heard
no warning that there is a hole in that direction so I'm confused which is
the safest way to navigate from room1 because sometimes if I press down
arrow while on top of room1 I also fall down a hole without any warning.

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