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Also in SOD, how do you hear the messages?


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> guys, first of all, I enjoy sod a lot. My dad bought it for my birthday.
> I'm
> now busy figuring out level9.  To tell you the truth I have to start the
> game all over again from area1 because I have made a mistake at the coffee
> machine. I tried Raul's strategy by filling my body with coffee and then
> taking all my med kids but I ended up with 37 percent health which dropped
> to 12 percent when I started level9 and so I can't last long in the battle
> so I have to play the game all over again so that I can fill myself with
> not
> too much coffee and so that my health is 100 percent after taking med
> kids.
> I made a silly mistake in area2. I wasn't standing in front of the locked
> door so I thought I didn't had the right security chip because when I
> wanted
> to insert the chip , it didn't unlock the door at first.  so I walked
> through that whole area twice to find the security chip after which  I
> found
> out that I wasn't standing  right in front of the door; when I positioned
> myself right in front of the door, the security chip worked.
> I'm just very unhappy about my mom's standpoint about sod. I visit her
> once
> a month and sometimes I have to keep myself busy, so she allows me to play
> games on her computer. So I was very excited and I requested a second key
> from  david. I was on my way to visit my dad and brother  and sister. My
> mom
> took me  to the airport. So I visited her for a while before getting on
> the
> plane to visit my family. So by the time I visited her I received my
> unlock
> code for this computer, so I requested a second key from  david to play on
> my mom's computer, because  I was already on my way to my mom so there
> wasn't time to play it on my computer, so I  was burning of curiosity. So
> you can imagine how excited I was about  sod. she saw that I was playing
> sod
> just by reading the title bar so she forced me to tell the truth about the
> game.
> I could have lied to her but its possible that she would ask me to have a
> listen how the game sounds like.
> So when she heard that I kill creatures, she forbid me to play it on her
> computer and she tried a lot to discourage me to play it on my  computer
> as
> well, but luckily she can't decide for me as I'm a grown up man. My mom
> reasons that sod teaches me violence in real life  and  it softens me
> gradually  for violence; that its ok to kill people in real life.and that
> violence is a medium for demons and that I will bring demons into her
> house
> if I play sod on her computer.
> I was quite upset about that. I would just like to know if you guys agree
> if
> sod is a violent game. I don't think so, I tried to explain to my mom that
> I'm killing creatures caused by an ill faded experiment, I'm not killing
> people but she just forbids me and if she catches me playing sod on her
> computer again, she will forbid me to use her computer at all.
> She was also shocked when she heard that I'm killing creatures with mines.
> Shockingly she said:| my child  you don't know what mines really do to
> people, I watch tv and I can see how mines destroy people into pieces and
> here you Are playhing a game  killing creatures with mines.
> She forced me to totally remove the game from her computer.
> She belongs to the Jehovah witnesses religion that's why she feel so
> strong
> about it.
> So when she goes to her bible study, which lasts at least for an hour, I
> take a chance and play it on her computer. I noticed that my product key
> still remains on her computer although | I uninstall the game and install
> it
> again because I have requested 2 keys from david greenwood  so after an
> hour
> I uninstall it so she never knew I was playing sod.
> She really upset me with her standpoint. Luckily I still have
> self-destruct,
> which I can play. Luckily she will never know that self-destruct is a
> firing
> game because I'm playing with headphones. With sod with my headphones on
> she
> might hear far off I'm firing but not with self-destruct except if I fire
> with a cannon and I don't use the cannon really because with the cannon in
> self destruct you can't get any gold as with your gun.
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