Ok all, now on a lighter note.
I tried throwing a grenade at a boss but it seems as if they can't be killed
by a grenade. I also tried killing them with a bio disrupter  mine but the
boss walked through the mine without being injured at all.
Can you kill a boss with a granade or a mine?
I know for sure that you can't kill a td with a mine, that has been proved
by many gamers.
But I'm enjoying level9. I think it's the best level of the game because it
contains the  most monsters.
I find that  a  grenade works the best in area2. I flush the toilet, then
run out of the room, then close the door,  then press g for grenade, open
the door, press space, wait 2 seconds, press space,  and slam the door. The
grenade will bounce against the wall and will then obviously kill the blob
and so it did.
Its much effective. That is the only place so far where I managed to use a
grenade with  success.
The td on the boss level is not a problem. Because if a td teleports me
outside the boss room, I can just use my transport pad to teleport me back
into the boss room.
I have noticed that  all 3 numbers on the transport pad will teleport me
inside the boss room.
Can anyone tell me how the transport pad teleports me?
I mean does it randomly pick 3 locations in the maze and then teleport  me
to it?
I thought of an idea david might consider for a  future release.
What if you rather have the opportunity to put in the x and  y  coordinates
of where you want to be transported to.
Say for instance I meet a td and I want to teleport myself to a big room and
I know the coordinates of that room because I visited there before.
Now it would be nice if I can pick my transport pad and then type in the x
and y  coordinates.

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