Hi all
I read so many posts about the quake games, but somewhere I have lost the
thread. You know? In our country there is a sayhing: I heard the  bell but I
don't know where the gong is hanging. Just a humerous expression to denote:
I don't know exactly what's going on.
Anywayh, first of all, do I need to purchase a program in order to play
these quake games like all these different mods?
Is all the quake mods like sod? The  star  wars mod of quake: is it also a
3d   navigation?
I can remember reading something about  playing the mods on a shareware
version. Does that mean that I have to purchase quake to fully playh these
At first my impression was that all starwar games works like trek2000, but
if I understand you correctly cara: the star wars mod of quake is also 3d?
so if I'm correct: you walk in a 3d environment and you fight star wars
characters like you would fight monsters in sod?

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