HI all
Super egg hunt is really one of those free games which is highly addictive .
Liam, I just have one little suggestion to make wich will even make the game
more addictive.
Isn't it possible for  you or whoever does the voice over to announce each
egg picked up? Say for instance   I pick up an  egg, and I hear the egg's
ping sound and then at the same TIME THE  VOICE SAYING ONE, two, ETC.
IT WILL JUST HELP IF  I want to improve on a score. If I know that I have
picked up 40 eggs so far then I know how many I have to pick up to beat the
score before the time runs out. Say for instance my score is 50 on a
previous game and I want to beat it. It would just be more exciting if the
voice can announce the number of each egg picked up.
But the game rocks, its wonderfull that not only purchasable games is
addictive, but also free games.
Keep it up

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