Back when I initially released the .NET Framework version of Montezuma's 
Revenge I encountered exactly the same issues you did. The Versions of 
.NET, DirectX, and Sapi I was using were a lot newer than those 
generally installed by my user base on their system and In many cases I 
was using newer stuff than was in the Windows Update service.
I found the best thing to do was to download all the upgrades needed to 
get their system to run my games and set up a requirements page where 
they could get a compatible build of .NET, DirectX, and anything else 
they might need to make their system run my stuff. If I waited on 
Microsoft to update their update service to keep up with my developments 
I would be waiting quite a while.
With XNA for XP and Vista users it is pretty much an optional upgrade 
and I doubt most users have it installed yet. However, it is my 
understanding that it will become a core package forWindows 7 which 
doesn't do you a lot of good since that is still two years away. Anyway, 
most of the blind gamers out here are still running XP with a small 
number of them moving to Vista. Your best option is to get the runtimes 
and put them on your web site so you are certain they get the right 
packages installed.

Jason Allen wrote:
> Thanks guys. I think it's something to do with the installer. It only runs
> correctly if the PC already had all the requirements. Something that's
> unlikely given that this is built with Microsoft's XNA platform. Back to the
> drawing board for me. I'm also going to scrap that forum I set up. That
> website set up has been so incredibly frustrating. I'll work out a few more
> kinks and let you know. Thank you for giving it a shot.
> Jason

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