My name is PATRICK BROWN and I play a CHARACTER named PATRICK
FITZPATRICK on a game called MIRIANI. I've noticed that a lot of you
wish to complain about me by name on this e-mail list, and Miriani in
general. To explain, Miriani is a player versus player role playing
game. So while you may play the role of the tea sipping partier who
hauls the occasional asteroid, I choose to play the dirty, rotten,
low-down space pirate. Sure, you have a right to play the game as you
wish, but I also have the right to play as I wish. Do I complain your
tea parties? No, I crash them. So don't complain about mine. If you
want to have undisturbed tea parties in outer space, go find a non-pvp
space oriented game. I'm sorry Patrick Fitzpatrick makes all your
Miriani lives miserable. Hell I even tried to tone it down because
people were crying and whining so much. Why don't you come fight back?
O NOES I have a battle-cruiser! Its so impossible! I was stomping you
people in carriers and transversers, do you really think its the ship?
Wow, I have a mighty occupancy scanner and a couple of laser rooms. Oh
no, so much better than a gunship. Also, conspiring against my
character on some e-mail list? Meta-gaming much? You people really
need to grow up. Honestly, none of you would last five minutes on Star
Conquest with Michael McCoder after you. Miriani is a great game, I
love it, everyone should just play and not complain so much. PEACE OUT

Patty Fitz P

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