A few muds that I have frequented and enjoyed are the following:

legends of Karinth karinth.com port 1234 (very in-depth and highly 
customizable, roleplay accepted)
Legend of the jedi legendsofthejedi.com port 5656 (star-wars based, 
rp-enforced, permanent death.)
lensmoor lensmoor.org port 4000 (rp-heavy but not enforced, I forgot the 
category that goes between accepted and enforced.  It does have wilderness 
but a blind person can get through it with some patience and by reading room 
descriptions, several races, is classless, has a fantastic crafting system 
and a wealth of rp or questing or pk if you opt in to the pvp aspect)
discworld discworld.atuin.net port 23 (it's big, my first mud, has a lot of 
people, so many features I can't even count, people can rp if they want but 
don't have to, you can hack and slash, do quests, or do all of the things 
that so many people think are useless like shopping, buying pets, etc.  I 
should really go back there and look Missy up especially now that Miriani is 
down for a week. I still have characters on there)

I'd also check the mud connecter or mud magic's top ten or top 20 muds to 
see if there is something that strikes your fancy.  Good luck!


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