hi list.
well my thoughts on second life so far.
the account sign up was anoying but got it done eventually, why do they have to 
distort audio captchas, it makes them almost impossible to understand. now i no 
how sited people feel when they want to read something but have forgotten there 
but anyway, that's not a very important point.
i've got the client installed, and i have installed eva.
one thing the eva devs haven't mentioned on there site but i found it because i 
went and looked is there is some basic documentation in the eva program files 
however, it is far from complete and doesn't say if you should start eva first 
or second life.
next, on to the client.
well i can sum it up in 3 words completely unuseable without eyes initially at 
any rate.
this is because the client loads, and then as far as i can tell there is no way 
to navigate around or find out how to enter your login info.
oh and back to eva, the developers really haven't done us any favours, irony of 
ironies, eva has to be registered. and check this out, so helpful, the 
registration code is available from the second life chat history.
mmm well i thought we couldn't read it without eva? so isn't it a bit of a 
chickin and egg situation?

could someone who has got it working please give us some steps to get started? 
as i'm happy to put in the efort, but lets just say i'm getting a little 
anoyed, especially with the eva thing, as its free, so why have the devs 
implemented a registration system that isn't accessible till we get eva working.
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