Hi Charles

  Thanks for the explanation, I'm glad that it's a accurate rendition of 
chess.  The biggest thing I'll have to pay attention to is ensuring I make 
the correct moves on my board in front of me.  I find it easier to be able 
to check out a borad then having to review it square by square.  With 
practice I'll get better.  I do quite like it though and true you can't beat 
the price even if it doesn't have all the bells and whistles.

Talk soon

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The beginner level is for a very good beginner who won't beat it unless they
have gained enough experience.  The program does not play like a dummy that
makes terrible mistakes.  The novice level is about half again as difficult
to beat.  The third level is at about the beginning tournament player's
skill.  Level 4 will give most tournament players sort of a rough time, and
the highest level is about where an extremely good tournament player would
be.  Other computer chess programs will beat or equal it, but they cost more
and have more features such as time controls and whether they play
aggressively or passively, what kind of board and men are used, more
training tools, more openings, games in a library to study, and all that
sort of stuff.  But for the average chess player who cannot see what the
heck they are doing like most of us, and even for a sighted chess player,
Ian Humphreys has put together a nice little chess program, and it costs

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