Greetings. I found a majoooooooooooor bug in ten pin aleys registration program 
that prevents me from playing! So I inmediately after installing it on my 
primary machinne, unaware of what will be the consequence, entered the 
registration info right away! No starting in demo, just typing in the info and 
activating the ok button. crap! the logo started playing and Well, runtime 
error 76: path not found! And I can't eraise my info to even play in demo. I 
found out then, by installing the game on my mums machine, that starting the 
game once in the demo and playing a round, then registering works! that is, in 
the case with playing the demo before registering the game will start up 
normally. So, any way to eraise my info? I looked in the registry with no luck. 
also, Matheus who is on the list also has this problem.
regards peter.
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