Well I've been wanting to try writing one of these for a while, so here goes.
  Introducing the newest title from BP-Games, Going Blind. Inspired by the 
phrase Going Postal and the computer game of the same name, Going Blind puts 
you in the shoes of Jack Black, a young blind man fresh out of college. Black 
has recently suffered through a long and fruitless job search consisting of one 
humiliating and demeaning rejection after another. Though initially willing to 
hang on, Black is pushed over the edge when, following his most recent failed 
job interview, he experienced a cartoon style nightmare in which all his 
would-be employers band together to taunt him about his inability to find work 
and, in their words, get a life. Now it's time for action!
  Going Blind plays very similar to the mainstream title The Simsons: Hit and 
Run. You wander the streets of a city, interacting with various characters, 
collecting items and completing tasks. The game includes the following features;
Realistic audio environments
Full voice cast
Sapi support for menus
Mouse, gamepad and Joystick support
An optional laptop layout
  Aside from all these features, you might just be able to do all sorts of 
whacky things. Here are just a few of them.
Pick fights with the locals
Commandeer several different types of vehicles and go on a rampage through the 
Find money to buy cool rewards
Maybe even pick up a few pals to help you on your way
Trash the town!
Look for this awesome title from BP-Games in the summer of 2009.
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