hi Tom.

wow! it's taken me a while to get to this E-mail. The new game sounds great, I've been wanting something decent in 2D for ages, and this is certainly sounding good.

Presumably, sinse the genesis engine will now do 2d, when you eventually release the engine as a game creation tool, it'll be possible to make 2D games with it? that would be great!

You could also considder a level editer for Mota, ---- though I could understand if either A this wouldn't be possible technically, or B, you'd prefer to keep the game and it's elements stand alone and not have people mucking about with it too much.

finally, I gather from your explanation that the actual structure of the levels is redesigned, which is great! I do however stil admire the initial level design and gameplay of the first Monti game, (I have the old 10 beta installed on my laptop), and I was wondering if either A you could release the levels as some kind of level pack for mota (a side quest with no plot, just for nostalgia), or B, rename the old game to something else and release it as is.

i really think that hard work you put in shouldn't go to waste, and while undoubtedly the new game will be an improvement, it's also worth remembering that the old one was good in it's way as well, ---- good enough for myself, and many other people to pay for.

Beware the Grue!

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