Hi Gamers,

   i wanna say a few things:
   Top Speed is a really cool game and i play it verry often. But that
   with the curfes. Like if a sighted person playes one of there Car
   racing games they knew when to brake because they see the Curfes
   faster. Like they are driving on a straight area and then there's a
   hairpen right. They see that verry fast and have time to brake. But
    in Top Speed or so you get Hairpen "Bum" YOu can't hear which Site
    and you hear it way to late. Can you make that the Copilot is
    saying it a little urlyer because then you have time to brake or
    something. But like in the new adventure "WHICH IS GREAT BY THE
    WAY" there are manny hairpen turns. But you crash really often in
    to them because you don't know which direction because you hear
    Hairpen and then Crash. So that can be a little urlyer. That's the
    onnly thing that i have to say. I really like the new Top Speed
    version. It's cool.

    But that with the curves...

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