Hey folks,
Here's the steps on how I got Eamon Deluxe to work oon Windows Vista. This is "method 2" of 3 from the article: "Workaround to This System Does Not Support Full Screen Mode in Windows Vista"
Find the full article at:
My own findings will follow:
*Text from article starts here*
"The following steps guide you on how to install the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter in Vista. 1. Right-click on the Windows desktop and then choose Personalize from the pop up contextual menu.
2. Click on Display Settings link from the Personalization dialog window.
3. On the Monitor tab of Display Settings window, click on Advanced Settings. button. 4. If you're not already on the Adapter tab, click on Adapter tab to activate it. Then click on the Properties button under the Adapter Type section. Allow UAC permission request.
Properties of Video Adapter
5. On the Display Adapter Properties window, click on Driver tab.
6. Click on Update Driver. button. Then select "Browse My Computer for Driver Software" option.
Browse for Vista driver
7. Click on "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" option.
Pick from a list of device drivers
8. Select and highlight Standard VGA Graphics Adapter from the list when prompted to select a
device driver you want to install for this hardware, then click on Next.
Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
9. Windows Vista will install the new standard VGA video driver to replace the original driver for your graphics accelerator. If your monitor goes blank (no signal), wait five minutes, then power down your computer and restart it normally. If your monitor does not go blank, wait while the
driver is installed.
10. Click on Close or OK button on all dialog boxes repetitively until you're back to the desktop
or your computer restarted.
11. Restart your computer if you're not prompted and have not already done so. Once computer rebooted, you should be able to open programs or command prompt shell in full screen window. You may need to set the resolution again, as everything related to display settings is
likely to be reset.
If you want to reverse this procedure and install back the video display card's manufacturer driver, follow the same instructions again, but choose the option to let Windows automatically install the appropriate software for your system instead of browsing your computer for driver software. If you unable to do so by clicking on Properties button on Adapter tab, go to Device Manager and directly select Update Driver Software on right click context menu."
*text from article ends here*

Once I started my vista machine, It "beeped" at me! No worries however... Just power off your machine, then press enter "twice," and you'll get back to your Windows Environment. I'll be sending this info off to the developer of Eamon Deluxe, and will also be adding this info to the "Eamon V I P" web site (still in beta,) and will be working on that for most of the day.
Take care all!


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