Hi Shaun,
What have you been smoking? This is like totally off topic, and system security has as much in common with Lonewolf is a dog is to a horse.

shaun everiss wrote:
I would be quite carefull on protection of stuff.
if you really want to back up your backups zip them and use a password on the 
Now rename the zip file to something like data.efr.
or .dyw or something.
Something that will not be detected right away.
You can get programs that will shred files like the mince program from blue5.com
It turns all text files, into totally garbage.
Nothing can read them.
Your data is gone.
Till you enter the right password, not sure on the incription.
I suppose you could have something that would just lock things, I know in xp 
you can lock drives and folders.
not sure if windows would allow you to lock a system folder though.
One thing you may try to do is get something that will incript things and store 
them in a massive file, a ghost  or something, those can be incripted at least 
I think so.
You can also get something like drive xml, make an image then encript the xml, 
and then noone can access the data anyway.
Another thing you could do was put your drive as another system, say linux 
system, people will try to get in by linux if they want to, there are 
encriptions in linux that may suit you better who knows.
Not sure if this exists, but I wander if its possible in addition to windows 
and hard ware passwords and other things to get it so if you start a system 
that you get secured, that if someone enters the wrong info to many times if 
they try to guess the password that the system just locks up, ie windows does 
not boot.
nothing works.
Everything gets distroyed, etc and stuff, would stop anyone getting the data.
Ofcause that doesn't stop you having to get it back somehow.
Although I am sure you could have some secure way you could get things done.
Not sure if you can get fingerprint scanners on hard drive cases or machines 
desktops, etc.

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