Hi list,
well, I sent another, rather lengthy e-mail to this list yesterday but it doesn't seem to have gotten through, perhaps the moderators did not have enough time to read and approve it yet, which would be no wonder. I hope it appears here eventually. :-)
Now, however, this one will be much shorter. Hope it gets through.
I was told about Night of the parasites, so I tried to download it from Audiogames. I made several attempts with MS IE7 but always got the common Windows access denied dialogue (make sure that the disc has not write protection on it and that it's not full) during the actual copying of the file itself to the desired location. Ok, so I thought it may be an odd error on the server side and I asked a friend to upload the file directly to my private ftp. He did, but the problem pertains, I am still unable to run the very file. Very odd, have never seen anything like this happen before, does anyone please have any idea as to why this could be happening? I will now roughly translate the dialogue I am receiving every time I run the file, no matter from which location (I tried renaming it and copying it to several different places): "Windows doesn't have access to the specified path, device or file, or you do not have enough rights to run this file." So that's it. I would very much appreciate any possible aids on this. My friend seems to have no problems like this at all, but I very sincerely hope that someone of you gamers has also experienced this error and can offer a solution.

Thanks in advance and take care everybody,

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