Hi che.

Just a couple of questions.

While I fully understand the game is in beta now, and so far from the final version, will you be thinking of adding sound effects or computer opponents in future?

Second, just checking, but I assume the game runs with Sapi?

Lastly, I do remember hereing you say something about offering a game with a subscription. While I'm not against the idea of subscription games, I would be interested to know how much you were considdering charging?

I ask because I've actually just finished demoing and writing up game entries for the All in play games on audiogames.net. I found myself very much enjoying Texus holdem, and considdering subscribing. The only reason i haven't is the price.

while I'd have been quite prepared (and could afford), three dollars (around two pounds at the moment), a month for a game I like, as I'm fairly indifferent to crazy eights and the Anagram game, which also come with the eight dollars package, I wasn't prepared to pay $8 (almost five pounds at current exchange rates), a month for one game I liked, one game (five card draw poker), I could probably enjoy on occasions, and two games i was moderately indifferent to.

Obviously sinse your only producing the one game this doesn't apply, ---- but I would be interested to know your plans, particularly if you were thinking about other subscription based card games.

Btw, this isn't a complaint against All in play, my financial situation is probably not average, sinse I am living on my own, therefore paying all bills, pluss attempting to pay part time Phd fees, on Uk disability and incapacity bennifits. I'm only lucky that none of my hobbies are particularly expensive, lol!

Beware the Grue!


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