I've pretty well checked out the game, and it'll need a fair few alterations I 

firstly, apart from the map and npcs, everything else in the game is graphical. 
This includes names of items, buttons to activate tabs, checks to see what in 
game messages are being filtered etc. 

Also, the page uses hotspots rather than standard detectable links, this is why 
the options to open the quest tab, inventory tab etc just don't appear to a 
screen reader, ---- they're not even buttons.

Then, the entire combat and action system is timer and bar based. All the text 
related to monsters and fighting is entirely about choosing which actions your 
character does to which monsters at what time. What's actually happening is 
dependent entirely upon the progress of graphical bars, --- which fact also 
means that page refreshing and changing is a pest to say the least. 

The map is indeed as Orin said, highly accessible, as is the basic game message 
box which reports talking to npcs, room descriptions etc, ---- but for 
everything else, I think some heavy work needs to be done in a loooooot of 
labling and layout fixing. 

Even if that was fixed, I'm not really convinced on the combat system's 
accessibility, ---- unless a "refresh" button was added and the game timer 
could be paysed somehow, ---- I doubt very much though that this would be 
technically possible. 

If however the creator is willing to make the above mentioned changes, ----- 
brilliant, I'll be the first person to be playing, as there are some 
potentially quite nice things in this game (I like the idea of the chess esque 

Beware the Grue! 

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