Hi all,

Well, it's yet another browser RPG. And it really is an "RPG."

It's got pretty good story too. What I also like about this is that it has a nice battle system, where in a dungeon you fight hoards of monsters until you leave the battle or die, so I gained about 2 levels without really loosing much health.

More things I like about it? The fact that the help files are detailed and when getting help for skills, it says "very high" malee attack, instead of "a malee attack that does <X>"

It also has an accessible map. The only disadvantage that I see so far right now is in the quest description when you receive a quest, you have the oppertunity to jump back to the questgivers location to complete the quest. That's not accessible because the main links, logout, the different "tabs" as they call them we don't know which tab we're on, isn't labled. All it says is "clear", however I have managed to complete the first quest because the action menu is accessible talking to NPCs, shopping, etc.

I'll be signing up to the forums in a bit to inform Arren, the developer, about these issues, and hopefully he'd be so nice as to fix them.

I think if this game does become fully accessible it'll be just as good as Sryth is.

The link is http://www.domainofheroes.com

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