funny, Matthew clarke E-mailed my own questions to Frank just a few hours ago.

With Hal, the game would be okay if it would run successfully in a window rather than fullscreen.

Pressing alt enter to get the window back is fairly symple, however in the window I get horrible amounts of text cutoff in the game text.

I therefore spent several hours playing with every factor of the console window I could in an effort to get it to display properly. Unfortunately, in the process of that I seem to have broken something sinse now whenver I try to load a character, I get a screen of horrific looking code (I even get this if I run the thing fullscreen as well).

If the text display problem within a window, and my particular code of doom problem could be fixed, it'd actually be very playable.

Game menues in the main hall and other places do use text highlighting to indicate which choise is selected, so to check this people would have to check colour and background of text, but if as Frank said the game could be modified, it strikes me a greater than sign could be added in as a highlight marker as well, the way menue selections in If games work.

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