This afternoon, frank kunze, author of eamon deluxe got in contact with me.
Here is his message
Subject: Eamon Deluxe
Hello, this is Frank, the author of Eamon Deluxe. Matthew Clark forwarded me your emails. If you have any questions or problems I'll be happy to try and help you.
To avoid spam, I'd rather not put his email address up on here, but if each of you writes to me privately I'll give you his email address directly. btw: All eamon adventures are written in quick basic, including the code for the main hall. There is a graphical screen and a text screen, Possibly you are trying to access the graphical screen with the console window, which is of course why you aren't able to read anythinwith your screenreader. Also dont forget that the screen is switched to 40 column display mode which makes matters even worse.
The entire system is written in quick basic which uses the .bas file format.
They are just ascii text files, so are easily edited using programs like notepad, so someone on here who knows how quick basic works can freely edit and change things. It is best to play the game using a program like dosbox, unfortunately, dosbox cannot be read using jaws or windows, but the method I use requires that you have an external speech synthesiser attached to a serial port, using the ASAP screenreader program. Since this is not possible for everyone, I'll have a chat with frank and see if he can somehow port the system to windows, or maybe change some stuff around so that your screenreader is able to access the console screen no matter what.

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