Hi to all, once again from Ron Kolesar.
I would appreciate all the help and or advice I can get on the following 
I would like to pick up a flightstick or joystick. I could be wrong, but I 
believe it is the same product. If I am incorrect on this? Could someone out 
there educate me on the difference and to which to pick up.
My reasoning for this is now here below.
> Hi to all game companies.
> I would like to know if the following will work with your hand to ear
> games.
> I am thinking of purchasing a flightstick joystick once again. So I need 
> all of the help and or advice that I can get so that I don't make the same 
> mistake once again by picking up a flightstick or joystick that doesn't 
> work with the hand to ear games.
Jim Kitchen told me that the Saitek ST290 Pro works with his Puppy one 
airial dog fighting game. I just was wondering if it will work with all of 
the companies games before I buy another flight stick. I would like to play 
my games with the flight stick instead of using the keyboard all of the 
time. Being a NASA and a flying nut, I think that the puppy one and the TDV 
flight games would be cool to play via the flight stick. But would Aliens in 
the outback, and the Blast Chamber game, the Hunter game and the troopanum 
games from BSC games work off of the flight stick as well as the up coming 
TDV flight game?
Could you test the above memtioned flightstick joystick with your games to 
see if it will work with the largest variety of all of the hand to ear games 
with sticks written into the game.
it with your games. That way you can tell me if it works or not so that I 
don't make another mistake by picking up another flight stick that doesn't 
work with the h to e games and I waste more money. If it doesn't work with 
your games? What flight stick out there will work with all of the games from 
Jim Kitchen, Bsc Games, Dragnus Entertaiment and The BPCPrograms Software 
Division's TDV flight game. I apologiese if your company isn't in the list 
above. But those were the ones just off the top of my head and I have the 
aboved memtioned games from those companies.
I thank you all for your help.
> Merry Christmas to all, from    Ron Kolesar who wishes he could find a
> flightstick for the hand to ear games
> that have a joystick written into the games for we serious gamers.

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