I thought I'd jump right in and start my posting career here by discussing an 
accessible trucking simulation that I found.  It's much like Jim Kitchen's 
trucking sim, Trucker, except it is online and multiplayer in nature.  It can 
be found at http://www.trukz.com.  The object is to deliver different cargos to 
the cities that demand it on time.  As you deliver your cargo in a timely 
manner without getting tickets or falling asleep at the wheel, your driver 
rating (DR) increases, allowing you to haul other cargo types (hazardous waste 
at 40 and nuclear waste at 50) and buy various endorsements to haul a larger 
load and make even more money.  There are many different cargo types to choose 
from, examples being fruit, vegetables, groceries, and appliances.  As you 
accumulate money, you are able to upgrade your truck and buy goodies such as 
new tires, extra fuel tanks, and radar detectors, which will enhance your 
gaming experience.  I will cover some of the basics of this game, including 
registration and features. 

Registration: When you start out, you will fill ut a form with your driver name 
(equivalent to a username) and choose the continent where you would like to 
start.  Currently, you can start in Australia, Europe, or North America.  North 
America, by far, has the most companies (explained later), Europe's fuel prices 
are more expensive but there are many shorter routes (good to start with at the 
beginning), and Australia just got released a little less than a month ago and 
people seem to think it has the best contract routes.  The site does require 
you to enter a Captcha but this is also available in audio form (and the voice 
is quite clear without any background noise or distortion.)  Also, Firefox's 
Web Visim application can pick up this Captcha if you have difficulties with 

Starting Out: When you first start out, you are given $5,500.  Depending on the 
continent you start out, you will have different trucks you can choose from.  
Of course, they won't be very good and are known as beaters.  If you're lucky, 
you may find one that goes at around 53mph.  The best thing to do here is to 
either join a company that offers the truck discount or take out a $1,000 loan 
at the bank (click on banking, then on request loan) and buy the 1989 Volvo. 

Depending on the time of day you join, you will inevitably be flooded with 
messages in your inbox to join up with a company.  A company can best be 
described as a group of drivers working together.  Advantages to companies may 
include 10% truck, item, fuel, and repair discounts, the abilitiy to run 
contracts, and at least one terminal that allows you to refuel and repair at a 
25% discount without the expenditure of fatigue points (FP).  These great 
benefits don't come free, however, as the company will take a collection from 
your driver's earnings.  The lowest possible collection is 1%.  If you decide 
to join a company, there are two camps of drivers: those that like small 
companies and those that prefer large ones.  Small companies provide more 
one-on-one attention, mentorship, and camaraderie.  My favorite small company 
is by far Everybody's Trucking Company, which is run by 2 old-timers in the 
game.  They will take 1% collection and provide 20% repairs and fuel 
assistance, which I haven't yet found anywhere.  This will last until you reach 
a driver rating of 10, when you will be able to get your first driver 
endorsement.  Large companies can provide you with the ability to make more 
money on contract runs.  Contract runs are specific requests by cities to haul 
a set amount of cargo to them within a week.  It pays a base rate of $0.99 to 
$2 per mile and can earn you quite a sum.  They can only be run by companies 
with at least 25 active drivers, however.  The best large company I have found 
is Bulldog Trucking with around 60 drivers, lots of contract runs, and 4% 
collection with 50% repairs/20% fuel assistance. 

As far as the game goes, once you've purchased your truck, you'll need to 
select a route.  The best way to do this is using the combo box because the map 
(as far as I know), isn't accessible to the blind.  You can see the cargo types 
and city stats by going to the Game Statistics area. 

Tips: Try to keep your routes to under 1,000 miles for now.  Once you've 
selected a city, select a cargo type.  Never haul general merchandise.  Even if 
the cargo your city provides isn't demanded in a neighboring city, it will pay 
you more than hauling general merchandise.  Once you've selected your route, 
you can click on next leg to drive for one game hour.  For each game hour you 
drive, you will gain one FP.  Don't ever drive above 10 or you risk falling 
asleep at the wheel/getting a ticket for running above your hours of service 
(HOS).  You can repair and refuel above 10 FP though without penalty.  For each 
game leg you drive, you will need one real-world hur to recover the lost point. 
 You can either go do something or chat on the CB ($300 game money).  These are 
the very basics.  If you decide to try it out, I hope you enjoy your 
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