Back in the 80's, various gamebook magazines published small adventuresl, --- 
using the ff system. 

thanks to fandom, and a chap called outspaced (you might have come across his 
work on ffproject, or pproject.aon), these are all available in accessible text 
pdf, rather than horrible scanned image file pdfs. 

so go, grab and enjoy. 


Seeing these and other text gamebooks does make me wonder if some programming 
type person could write some sort of utility to make searching and playing 
these much easieer than having to resort to ctrl F in whatever program your 
viewing the files with. 

Perhaps something that would automatically search for all the numbers in the 
text, ---- eg, section 1, and would create a list box used to jump betwene 
them? (links would be cool of course, but not possible I think in a generic 
text file reading program).

how the program could distinguish betwene section numbers and statistics for 
characters and enemies I'm not sure, unless someone physically could mark up 
the text file to tell it which numbers to ignore, ---- probably easier than 
telling it which numbers to mark. 

It could also contain with a property sheet outside the text file for recording 
character information. 

Anyway, I'm not a programmer, it was just a thought. 

All the best, 

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