Because some people have asked about the Eamon delux Character editer, here's 
an explanation of the menue structure and curser movement commands which should 
hopefully help.

1: first, there is the up down menue with vertical options. You begin on the 
"select characters" option. Sinse the program will not process any key presses, 
---- including hits of the curser keys, until you exit virtual focus, your 
quite okay using your cursers to read through menue choices, and only exiting 
vf or Jaws curser and using your keys when you actually want to change menue 

2: All the menues in the character editer accept the actual editing of each 
character are fairly streight forward in layout. They are menues with the 
options displayed vertically, and you always start on the first option. The 
menues do wrap (so if you press up arrow you'll be on the last option), but if 
you keep your Vf/jaws curser  in sink with your single down arrow presses you 
should be okay. 

For anything really serious such as clearing all characters, the program will 
ask you for a conformation of pressing Y/n so you don't have to worry about 
causing any trouble. 

If you get entirely lost, just exit whatever menue your on (including the main 
editer menue), and when you return to it you'll be on the first option again. 

Using this you should be okay selecting or deleting characters. 

3: In the actual character editing screen showing the stats, things are a 
trifle complicated but not impossible (as I said, I've done it without looking 
at the screen). 

4: The character stats are set out in columns, with your selecter starting on 
the first column which is name. For most choices you can use equals and dash 
(pluss and minus), to scroll up and down through the available alternatives for 
that choice, but for the naming of your character and options, just press enter 
and then type in a standard edit box fashion. 

So, the first line is name, sex and status (okay or dead. 

press right to go to sex and status, ---- editing character status is handy if 
you get your character killed. 

5: second line down is hardiness, agility and charisma. Note that whichever 
option you were on in the first line, you'll start off on hardiness in the 
second line. use pluss and minus again to alter, right arrow to alter agility, 
and right again to alter charisma. 

personally, these were the only things I mucked about with, sinse pretending I 
rolled uba well (24's in all stats), seemed okay, but giving myself max weapon 
xp or an uba damaging weapon just seemed like cheating (I love gaining xp and 
discovering powerful weapons for myself anyway). But stil, i'll go on with the 

6: third down are the columns for weapon and spell xp, ---- so the left and 
right entries are clubs and blast, second down are bows and speed etc. 

Again, just move left and right betwene the two entries on each line, and pluss 
and minus to alter. If you get particularly lost, hammer the plusss or minus 
key and see which option alters (you can always put it down later. 

One thing to watch out for is that unlike most lines in the program, the four 
columns of weapon and spell xp do not wrapp around betwene lines. So, if your 
on speed and press down once, you'll be on blast. When however you press down 
on power, you'll be on the fifth weapon xp box, ---- swords. To the right of 
that is the gold in bank box, which you can get to with right arrow. 

7: we then have armour type, ---- from clothes to full plate with shield, and 
armour xp. Once more, equals and dash to change. whereever you were on the 
previous line, you'll start off on armour type.

8: We then enter the weapon creation tables for your character's five weapons. 
as the top lines of headings says, these tables are for name (enter to edit), 
complexity, type, number of dice, and number of sides of said dice. Like the 
above tables for weapon and spell xp, these don't wrap, so if your on the 
weapon types box for weapon 1 and press down arrow, you'll be on the weapon 
types box for weapon to. 

As I said, if you get stuck, hammer equals a few times and see which stat goes 
up, and if you get really! stuck, just press escape to enter the character 
editer menue, press down arrow once to "Edit character" and you'll start off on 
name again. 

As I said, it'd be great if someone could just replace the coloured text 
highlighting with a greaterthan sign, to show which option is selected, but 
hopefully this explanation will do for now.


Ps: Sinse I got asked a question about the editer on this is 
almost a basic C&p of what I wrote there. 

appologies, but I'm just lazy!

Beware the Grue!¬

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