List Introduction:

 This list is for the discussion of audio games. While the specific
purpose of this list is for the discussion of USA Games products and
services other third-party audio games are welcome as well.
If you have an installation problem with a game, are stuck getting
passed a specific point in a game, or just want the pure pleasure of
bragging how well you did in your favorite accessible game this list
could be right for you.

List Guidelines:

While we would like this to be a relaxed and informal environment for
our fellow gamers we ask that you please follow a few guidelines and
rules of proper list conduct. By doing so we are sure this will make
the list an enjoyable place to openly discuss our favorite games and
obtain help.

1. By signing up to this list we will assume you have read and agree
to abide by the following list guidelines.
2. All members of the list are required to treat his or her fellow
list members with respect. Inflammatory messages regarding someone's
race, gender, intelligence, nationality, etc will not be tolerated on
list. Offenders will be immediately barred from the list.
3. We request that off topic posts be kept off the list unless
approved in advanced by the list owners/moderators. Off topic posts
include, but are not limited to, jokes, virus alerts, television
shows, or anything else that is not game related. If you need
clarification or wish to obtain moderator approval regarding an off
topic post send an e-mail to:
And your message request will be considered by the list owners/moderators.
4. When posting to the list we respectfully request that you proofread
your messages  using a spell checker so that your posts are legible
and easy to read.
5. When posting to the list we request that all members refrain from
using profanity on list. By profanity we mean any words or expressions
that is generally viewed as socially unacceptable language. First time
offenders will be notified and warned off list by the list
owners/moderators. /Continued usage of profanity will result in
moderation or immediate dismissal from the list.
6. At no time will we allow list members to practice any form of
software piracy on list. Members caught in such illegal practices will
be immediately barred from the list with or without notice from the
list owner.
7. We respectfully request that all subject lines match the topic
being discussed. If the topic changes we request that you edit the
subject line in your e-mail client to match the new topic being
8. We request that all members try to keep one line replies to a
minimum. Often times one line messages that just say "I agree,"
"that's cool," "I like that," etc don't offer much to the discussion
and only add to list traffic unnecessarily.

Signing Up:

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