So I was looking through the listings on mudconnector the other day and I stumbled across this little gem. Its in a rather early stage of development at the moment, all that's available currently is the newbie town. But even so there's plenty to do within said town. You have your choise of 15 different quests, many npc's to duel, and a selection of weapons and armor to choose from to build your character just how you want. The game also uses manual combat, no typing kill goblin and waiting 10 minutes ocasionally throwing a kick or fireball in for good measure. You actually have to tell your character to perform every action, from basic swings to counters. And to add to that the combat system is rather advanced, with combos, retaliation attacks (if you parry an attack, you can then use a counter attack, riposte, fend, retaliate, etc), and revenge attacks, (if you take a blow you can strike back). It's a rather advanced combat system. There's also no death penalty. In the few places you can die, you're either transported to the room you started in or taken to the graveyard and can just re-enter the town square. Generally though you'e simply duelling npc's, and all that happens is you get defeated at 1 hp. I definitely recommend to give this game a try, it has a lot of potential. Within perhaps a month the wilderness will be opening up, and players will actually be able to start exploring, delving into dungeons, building cities (yes, you heard me right,) etc. It sadly has no real homepage to my knowledge, but you can check it out at:

Look for talerous or gordan if you need any help.

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