Perhaps there is a gap in the Vi accessaries markit for something which is the size of a watch battery and makes a continuous beeping sound.

I've played pool myself, but only again because the yellow balls contrast with the table.

I'm not sure how you'd do snooker pool without some sort of overview feature or feeling the table as you suggest, but for games with a single small ball, ---- for instance golf, a continuous stick on buzzer would be the thing I think.

The problem again would be that such a device, despite being symple to make, would have it's price raised by a good few hundred quid as soon as you say the word "accessible"

While not a direct solution to the issue (though possibly handy for golf), I once saw an infra red buzzer. You had a small sensor which you stuck on things, and a control linked with an infra red ray. Press the control, and if the sensor was within a set distance, ---- it'd beep.

Very handy (I myself rather fancied it for marking a seat in a theatre or train when I went off to the loo or to grab a coffee), however the three hundred and fifty pound price tag (which I believe given current exchange would be somewhere in the region of eight or nine hundred Usd), deffinately and absolutely put me off.

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