>ok and another one from spoonbil.

>Ian Humphreys here from Spoonbill Software. You are receiving this email 
>because you have previously requested a copy of Blind Gamers Cribbage. 
>I am not able to announce the release of this upgrade on my website because I 
>am at present unable to update my website. I am in the process of changing 
>over to a wireless broadband provider and am having trouble accessing the ftp 
>server where my web site is hosted. Hopefully it will all be sorted out soon. 
>They said they'd get back to me on Monday. In the meantime I am still able to 
>send out games.
>The major additions to BG Cribbage are:
>o  Removed cause of "The parameter is incorrect" message.
>o  Q to quit the program to be compatible with other BG programs.
>o  Help is in a separate text file accessible with F 1
>o  F8 and Shift F 8 to decrease and increase the voice speed.
>o  New option, F 7, Score Hand. Cycles between Auto score, Self score and Self 
>score with Muggins.
>o  Shift F 11 to read hand when you have elected to self score.
>o  Save and resume a game. Many games can be saved, each with a different name.
>o  Delete a saved game.
>o  When selecting and deslecting cards to discard to the crib, instead of the 
>voice saying "selected" and "deselected" a sound effect is played instead.
>If you would like a copy, please state your FULL NAME so that I can locate you 
>in my records, and request BG Cribbage 1.2
>If you would like to be removed from my Newsletter list, reply to this email 
>and ask to be removed.
>Ian Humphreys
>Spoonbill Software
>Albany, Western Australia 

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