Hi Marsha,

You can use the woods in the fairway all you want.  Well except for the 1 wood. 
 That is only for off of the tee, but the 2, 3 and 4 wood can be used in the 

Below is the hints from the golf.txt file.  I hope that they might help.  If 
you have any other specific questions, please ask and I will try to help.

Golf Hints.

The object of golf is to get the ball into the hole.  On most of
the holes you will want to start at the tee using your 1 wood so
that you can drive the ball about 300 yards.  Of course you don't
want to do that on say the holes that are like 147 yards.  But
after you drive the ball off of the tee your next goal is to get
the ball onto the green using one of your other clubs.  Most likely
an iron.  Once on the green it will tell you how many feet you are
from the pin which is the flag pole that is stuck in the hole.  Now
all you have to do is hit the ball with the correct amount of power
to get the ball into the hole.  Oh yeah you want to get the ball
into the hole in as few strokes as possible.  Par or less is the
goal.  A birdie is one less than par.  An eagle is two less than
par and a double eagle is three less than par.  A hole in one is
always a good thing.  A boggy is one over par and a double boggy is
two over par.

The game of golf takes lots of practice and knowing which club to use for each 
shot. Putting of course takes lots of practice.  Here is a list of which club I 
use depending on how far it is to the green.  With the exception of the 
pitching wedge I go pretty much for maximum power
with each club.

less than 100 yards = pitching wedge.
less than 125 yards 9 iron.
less than 140 yards 8 iron.
less than 155 yards 7 iron.
less than 175 yards 6 iron.
less than 190 yards 5 iron
less than 205 yards 4 iron.
less than 220 yards 3 iron.
less than 235 yards 2 iron.
less than 250 yards 1 iron.
the 1 wood will get me about 300 yards and the 4 wood about 260
Adding sounds to the game.

You can add your own ambient sounds to the golf game.  They will be
the sounds that are randomly played on the golf course when you do
not press a key for awhile.

All you need to do is put wave files in this folder.  The wave
files will need to start with the 3 letters amb and have a .wav
extension.  Do not replace the existing wave files named amb1.wav
through amb37.wav.  I recommend you name the wave files with the
standard dos file name format.  I E no more than 8 letters followed
by the extension .wav  I also recommend that you use 8 bit wave
files with the sample rate of 11025.


If there were no golf balls, how would we measure hail?

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