Yeah, automating the thing might not be a bad idea, would probably save David Greenwood lots of time, as I imagine every developer must be flooded with similar requests. But maybe he's just enjoying a short vacation that he forgot or didn'T have time to announce, or some other real life circumstances are preventing him from responding faster... Don't forget that we're all just ordinary human beings, not perfect flawless machines, performing 100% all the time, so life often interferes with our decisions and intentions. *smiles* Just my thoughts, not that this would happen commonly with GMA, as far as I know.
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Hey Dark,

Yep, I've already installed GTC on my laptop and been through the
order wizzard.  Copied in my original user code and key too in the
hope that it'd speed up the process for me and make life easy for the
folks at GMA.  It's been a few days since the reminder email, perhaps
it's time for another.

Hmmm, surely automating this kind of thing isn't a big job for a
proper programmer.  In fact there's probably a few free to use
solutions already in existance is there not.


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