I know a lot of people have MK already, and are probably going to get SFIV as 
well. But for all those seriously debating between the two... here's my 

I've played both games... up to the most modern ones. After having a bit of a 
threat on gamefaqs all about it, I figured I'd give my opinions to the vi 
community as well.

I've borrowed a copy of MK versus DCU from a friend of mine, and have been 
playing it for a while now. As an honest MK and street fighter fan, I confess 
myself to being more on the street fighter side of things. One quote I know 
from the thread I mentioned is, "MK has always been more about style than 
substance." To a certain extent, that is true. MK looks flashy and cool, for a 
while, but eventually the slow gameplay mechanics start to get to you. Don't 
get my wrong, I like MK. Like it a lot. But in terms of content.. especially in 
MK VS DCU, it falls way short and Midway tried to do a lot of things to the 
gameplay. Some worked, some did not. Either way, MK wasn't the game it was 
hyped up to be... and the m rating got dropped to a t, which also frustrated a 
lot of MK fans, me among them.

SFIV, on the other hand, looks good, plays smoothly, and has unlockable 
content. A lot of it. Different quotes for acaracters, more characters to 
unlock. But the best of all... it has a much deeper engine. You can do a lot of 
things in SF that in MK history... hasn't happened very often. The big thing 
that always tiled me towards the Street Fighter series slightly more was the 
character diversity. Each character has their own style, fighting style that 
is, and their own different style of play that's flexible to newcomers and 
vetarines alike. Combos are a nice challenge to pull off, and there's stuff in 
the engine that you don't really think about until you actually experience 
them. As an example... canceling a special move into supers or ultras. MK, on 
the other hand... there really isn't too much depth to the engine. Yeah sure 
each character has their own set of combos, but when it comes down to it, 
special moves are really the only thing that separates one character from 
another. In MK, you can play every character the same way and most likely do 
okay. But... take a street fighter sinario. If you were to pick Xangief and pit 
him up against a character like Akuma, you'll have a good challenge to work 
through. Problem? Xangief has no long-rage projectiles, since he's a wrestler. 
The result? You have to play defensively unless you can get past Akima's guard. 
But once you're through, you can dominate with Xangief close up and damaging 
moves like the spinning piledriver... or my personal favorite, the german 
suplex. But my point being that SF has a lot more complexity to it. Mk is a 
good game, but you know what? SFIV definitely outdoes mk versus DC. Unless it's 
just me... since this is only my pinion. But take IGN's reviews for both games, 
as an example. MK got a 7.5. SFIV got a 9.3... even though it isn't out yet. 
That's the first time I've seen IGN or any gaming site do a review with an 
early build... or rather, early release. And... one more thing, audio wise. 
Voices at least, I've always liked SF... because if characters shout phrases, 
they actually mean something... meaning you can take the Japanese words and 
translate them. But in MK.. the only words that come out are random syllables 
strung together.

In conclusion, as an mk fan and Street Fighter fan, my opinion given is... SFIV 
is better I'm trying to be as unbias as I can, and tried to be as fair as I 
could. Hope this helps anyone caught up in this dilemma. All opinions are 
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