Hi there:

I am currently playing a mud called Unwritten Legends (I will gladly pimp 
this mud in another thread), and I would like to make some scripts and 
macros that would help me with things such as foraging, combat, preparation 
for magic spells, etc.

I will admit that I have very very rudimentary knowledge in all things 
scripting, so if someone might be willing to help me with a few queries and 
frustrations so that I cna get on the right track, I would greatly 
appreciate it.

Firstly, there is roundtime associated with various skills.  So if I thrust 
my dagger at an opponent, a message that says 'roundtime: 3 seconds' will 
come up. I have three seconds until I can perform another in-game action.

When I have finishd killing an opponent, I'd like to be able to skin the 
corpse, put the skin in my pack, and search the corpse.  There is, however, 
a roundtime associated for those things as well.  Roundtime is a great 
thing, but with my very limited trigger-making skillls, I am uncertain of 
how to begin making triggers that I can use without the next command getting 
tripped up by left over round time.

There are other questions that I have, and I'd like to delve in to making 
some sound triggers for this game. Not too many, just a few that might be 

I'd appreciate any assistance that you could provide.

Happy gaming.


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