hey all.
i've posted that in brandon's mailing list and the ag forum, but i'm
posting that here bekause there are different peoples in different
places that don't read the messages posted, for example, in the forum.
well, so to who awreade received it, sorry for the spam, and for who
don't, i hope that you got interested in that and try it all, so here it

searching for some games, i just found the game called "guitar rage".
it's based in guitar hero and rockband, and it's for pc.
you can even play with drums and bass, it's really awesome.
well, to download new musics it's very simple, you only need the
keyboard in the game, but i think that if you have a guitar, you can
also use it.
the only two bad problems are as follows:
*the game is in portuguese, but i awreade got all of the menus
recognised so if anyone is going to try  that, it will be not hard to
i explain what is what.
*the menu wraps, but there are not many menus, and it's easy to
and the bad, and really!! bad thing.
*in the training mode, you can't train a specific section of the music
from what i searched, you only can train all of the song.
but there are sounds that are not easy, and in less than a hour i'm
almost done with a song, i just need practice in a solo in the middle of
the music, and i'm done.
then if you guys want, i can try to record and send here.
it's from Black Sabbath, called paranoid.
and for who don't have guitar hero or rockband, i really recomend this
one. bekause it is good for pasting the time, it's small (46 mb, the
game comes with 3 musics) and it's fry.
well, now let me continue trying to make the solo to play all the music,
then i'll try with drums.
if anyone wana awreade trying this game, it's at
and it's portable, so you can carry with you. it's just unzip, then open
the folder of the game and click on game.exe.
then the menus are as follows:
online play
(i don't tested this one)
offline mode
train the drums
exit the game.
then wen you choose something, for example offline mode, it will just
have one option, that it's the folder of the musics, in this cased, it's
called rockband, so you press enter, and the preview of the musics will
come, so you can choose with the arrow keys what you want, and press
enter (the musics don't wrap)
then it will come the difficulties. first is easy where you are, then it
comes normal, and hard, and expert.
after you choose the difficulty, it's just choose what you want, first
is guitar, second is bass, and third is drums.
and to play, for example in the guitar, you use the keys a s j k, and in
expert is used l tow i think.
and with drums, you use the spacebar, a s k and l i think.
well, i don't tested, but i think that the first mode that will come
configured, is that one that you will need press the enter key with the
other key that you want, but i hate it, so to disable it, its just open
the file "configurar.exe"
and well. now the options will be in portuguese.
but it's just read with your jaws in the option that says "modo
palhetada" that is marked "sim" mark the option "nao" and click
"salvar". so its just close it normaly and you are good to go.
hmm and the game is still in beta, i'll contact the developer to see if
they will add sections in training mode.
i hope so.

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