One thing about age of fable is the more you play, the better you get.

I've got a saved game now with a character who started out with 10-15 in all stats accept roguery, with extra points in streetwise, heroism and healing.

After finishing all game quests with her (particularly visiting the desert temple with the many shells), I've got all her stats up to 18 pluss, ---- accept roguery.

As I said, I disagree about requiring a program for stat management, ---- afterall, back in the 80's when gamebooks were most popular, people just used dice and paper.

I have in fact got a friend who collects old gamebooks, and have played through a couple with him using the Gma dice program and a word document to keep stats.

While I agree it's less convenient, imho it's worth it, ----- especially for gamebooks like project.aon and the chronicles of arborell.

Just my thoughts.

Beware the grue!


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