Hi all.
I was looking at the ffproject.com site
what other sites have gamebooks on them.
On this ffproject.com site I have a few issues.
In planet of the spiders what word do you say to the door.
The one that has a gun pointed at you, I can not figure it out.
In wrong way back, which floor is the club on.
In I think hellfire, I think at least there is a puzzel which is getting me 
Can't figure it out, At the beginning you have 3 doors to go through, good 
balance or evel.
Now I choose say good for example.
I get to the part where I am doing a test for munks to get an item.
I go through the door I chose before.
I get "you need atributes for good or whatever"
And then basically saying I don't and thats the end of the game.
How do I exactly get the atribs for the door I chose in the first, I have tried 
fighting everything thats evil but I obviously am missing something.
Because I get the classic, bad command or file name please retry.
sort of thing.
In a footsteps of a hero, I have once got to the point where I was able to slay 
the gool, and get the potions.
I know green is nothing, yellow is acid and blue is good.
Is red crap or is it usefull.
Its just random to get the  right conditions.
In outsider with the necromancer how do I get more health, on the last one I 
had to not kill the guy because I had only 2 health left.
I must admit these online gamebooks really kick some major but.
I doodled with braille choose adventure books but you had to have several 
volumes open and moving around.
Its nice to run dnd style books online Really is like if with web interfaces.

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