Sorry for this being a somewhat lengthy post, but I'm hoping that my 
description of this unit will help in getting the assistance I'm looking for.  
Here goes:

I just got a game controller, and haven't a clue as to how to use the darned 
thing.  It is manufactured by Phillips.  I bought it at Wal-Mart for roughly 
$16.  It came with a mini CD, which I figure is software?  Should this software 
be installed first, or should the game controller be installed first.  There 
don't seem to be any instructions in the packaging.  Here's what the unit looks 

There is a handle at each side that is facing me if the unit is sitting on the 
table.  Inward from these, there are 2 knobs that feel sort of felt covered.  
To the left of the leftmost one, there is a cross, any of the four lengths can 
be depressed.  Between the 2 knobs are 4 buttons in a diamond pattern, with the 
button on the right center pointing to the right and the other 3 buttons being 
sort of oblong shaped, but they are not toggles.  Above this diamond pattern 
are 2 small round buttons, with sort of a bubble, possibly a small screen 
between them.  To the right of the right-hand knob is another diamond pattern 
of 4 buttons which are larger than those near the left knob.  These are round 
in shape.  Now, along the forward edge of the unit, in front of the handles I 
mentioned at the top of this paragraph, there are 4 buttons, probably 2 for 
each of the joysticks.  Also on this forward edge is a switch that is not a 
toggle.  It can be pulled to the left as you hold the unit in your hands.  This 
switch will spring back to the right if you release it.  The unit did not come 
with a USB cable, but I think I have one around here somewhere.

I want to start using this little beast on games for the blind that can be 
operated by it, so any thoughts and suggestions will be appreciated.  Thanks in 

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