Hi Folks,
I read about this golf game for cell phones on Fred's Head:

Ocean Sky VIP Pocket Golf
VIP Pocket Golf is a game designed for the Windows Mobile platform, with visually impaired users in mind! Play 18 wholes of golf, on any of four difficulty levels, trying to set a high score and earn money towards becoming a true VIP Golf Pro!

This program has been tested with the Mobile Speak software, and runs smoothly in conjunction with the TTS engine. Even sighted people can play Pocket Golf, thanks to the few visual elements that have been incorporated into the software. For the visually impaired, a TTS will be able to speak the status, progress, menus and prompts in the game.

 How the game works:

The game uses various sounds to guide the user during gameplay. Most notably, a rising tone is used to indicate the power of the swing which helps the user gauge how far they'd like the ball to travel. For example, for maximum power/distance, the user will wait until the rising tone reaches its highest pitch to click the "swing" key to launch the ball to the max distance possible with the selected club.

Edit boxes are used to display relevant information to the user. The user will use the Tab key on the device to navigate these edit boxes.


Box 1 shows your current score.
Box 2 shows the title of the club in use.
Box 3 shows the max distance possible with the selected club.
Box 4 shows The predicted par for the current whole.
Box 5 shows the number of the whole you are playing (E.G: whole #4 out of 18).
Box 6 shows the distance remaining towards the green.
Box 7 shows the number of swings you've taken.
(The Tab key will cycle through these boxes in order from 1-7.)

 Game Features:

You can create user profiles, so multiple people can play on the same device!
You can save a game and reload them! So, you can pickup where you left off.
Four difficulty levels are available, including: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. (Medium is the default setting.) Money will be earned with a par or better on each whole. This money can be used in the Pro Shop, to upgrade clubs, golf balls, and other surprise items for improved play. You will encounter various traps during gameplay. Water and sand traps are used to stump the user along the way. Users will likely remember where these traps are located, so they can learn to avoid them in the future. However, always be ware of the squirrels who live on the golf course. Initially, two courses are offered with the game. However, a separate add-on will allow users to create personalized courses; complete with custom titles, distance and trap details. They will be able to share these with other VIP Pocket Golf players!
Buy a registration key for $16.99, via PayPal

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