The Fifth annual 
accessible mens college basketball chapionship pool
Is open.
Wow, that smething been doing this for five years now.
I had so much fun in bring my pools to you my frinds of the blind community.
Still no fees to join and a lot of fun to be had by you
and your friends and family.
Play with your spouse and be lord of the basketall world in your home.
Play with a friend even not know much about basketball, you will thrill to your 
teams winning.
I seems like all games go down to the wire.  There is no better way then to 
celebrate with me the 
coming of spring and this fifth edition will have the same rules as last year 
where the winner only won by 1 single point.
So to keep with the same tune is why this year the pool is called
"Play It Again Sam".
Millions will be filling out their brackets so why not join on the choir of 
blind pool members with their friends and family members.
You may just end up sing a happy tune when all is said.

Hit on the link below to help me start out Spring with my fifth year of pools 
Play it again Sam.

When on the home page just save it to yor
 favorites or desk top for getting back to it quickly.
Read the home page for allowing scripting if needed.
Don't mis the March Maddness and root for your teams.

God bless
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