I tried to get an sgc2909 but they're discontinued according to the walmart 
store here, so I got an sgc2910 which appears to be the same  thing but 
wireless, for 20 bucks flat. The vibrators on it are giving me problems. I 
can't change the velocity of those motors from the controll pannel/game 
controllers. It has a page in the properties dialogue that says to move the 
left stick to get the vibrators to run, I can do that and I can change it to 
100 percent velocity, up from 58 where it was by default, and hit apply,  the 
motors stay on continuously that way, that's how I want it. now I can hit ok, 
then ok again to clcose that dialogue and I get an error about the application 
not being able to find the memory referenced at 0x you get the point. It's a 
rundll32 error. One time It didn't stopp with rundll32 and went through a don't 
send error for good measure, and finished off with a drwatson error, after 
which I exhasporatedly just rebooted my comp, which didn't help much. When I go 
back there again, the velocity for the vibrators are back to 58, not 100. When 
I open topspeed the vibrator moves more slowly than I  remember the one for my 
recoil pad going, it just barely seems to move, and seems to perform 
iratically, sometimes the vibrators get going and sometimes they just click and 
don't go anywhere. You know how topspeed makes the vibrators go, it kicks them 
on and off really quick, well if thhe controller is set at 58 percent, it does 
that by itself, so if you have thhe game kicking the vibrators on and off, plus 
the controller trying to do the same thing, sometimes it vibrates and sometimes 
it doesn't. If that makes sence. When i close topspeed I get another rundll32 
error. On my sony vaio laptop I get no error but the vibrator velocity won't 
save there either. It's all sluggish on topspeed and when I go back to the 
properties dialogue again for the controller it is again 58 percent. I have 
downloaded drivers from the philips website, probalby the same thing that was 
on the minny disk. Nothing seems to help. Anyone got any ideas? Are there 
similaar problems with the sgc2909? I'm having this problem on two differentg 
computers, but only one of those two is printing error messages, the other one 
just isn't letting me change settings.

Hope yall can handle the typos, tis late and I think I'm a little too lazy to 
fix them all atm.
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