Games we'd like to play
by Phil Vlasak

Tomb Hunter: Flaming torches of burning fire.
In this fast action game, you Are Angela Carter, a daring treasure hunter, willing to risk everything to find and recover the long lost Orb of Wisdom. Her mission will not be an easy one as she must face several unlit torches and try to do her best to light her way as she forgot to bring a flashlight.

She must avoid such traps as underground lakes that wet her matches, burnt fingers when her torch burns down to low, and the difficulty of holding a torch wile using a bow and arrow.

Along the way she will collect gold coins, ancient scrolls, enchanted weapons, and healing potions if she can see them.Otherwise she will be forced to walk around in the dark, reaching down at each step to feel if anything is on the ground.

Luckily the magic keys jump up and down even underwater so she can locate them by sound alone.

She will also discover dropped matches left behind by previous adventurers so she will not have to rub two sticks together to make a fire.

If Angela makes it to the Hall of Wisdom she must face her greatest challenge,
lighting a candle whose wick is too short.

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