this game is based on a nintendo game called sircus charlie. this game
consists of stages.
in stage1 you are standing on the back of a lion and you must jump through
fire rings and over pots of fire.
listen for the sound of fire and press the spacebar to jump.
you can get bonus points by jumping upon coins.
in stage2 you are an acrobat. you are walking on a rope high in the air and
you have to jump across monkeys also walking on the rope. occasionally a
huge blue monkey will try to trip you.
press the spacebar to jump. in all stages spacebar is used to jump.
in stage3 you have to jump onto huge balls. listen for the sound of the ball
rolling closer to you and jump just in time.
in stage4 you are standing on the back of a donkey and you must jump onto a
the donkey moves around and when the trampoleen gets closer, you must jump
to land on it.
then while on the trampoleen the donkey will move past the trampoleen and
you must jump back onto the donkey's back.
this is repeated until the stage is over.
in stage5 you are sitting on a swing high in the air. you have to jump on a
trampoleen when the swing goes down.
while on the trampoleen you have to jump back onto the swing again when the
swing goes down.

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