In the version I have there is a consider command, but its kind of odd. It seems that instead of comparing the npc to your character it instead gives you a general overview of the NPC's strength. But I agree with sean kinda, I got somewhat far in the game but could never find anything to do, didn't even complete a single 1 of the 50 quests and probably didn't even see an eighth of the world. In the version up on the developer's site, its got 50 quests, and over 1800 rooms, with plenty of NPC's populating it. I'll have to give it another go one of these days perhaps, but I couldn't find much to do really. I'm not sure what version you guys have, but the one I have is called the trials of gildur, and has westfrom 1 through 5 in it, all combined fairly neatly into one world. That is to say they can still be played as sepperate games, but each world also has a link in certain zones to at least one of the other worlds. Its really tough to find and explore everything with no hints or obvious objectives, being pretty much dropped straight into the middle of the game with almost nothing. It was a pretty fun game though, if I could find a walkthrough or some such thing to the quests and the like I'd probably be able to get into it because I'd have more direction to go in rather than wandering the giant continent trying not to get lost. For those of you that play, provided you're playing the trials of gildur, would you mind letting me know if you come up with anything? Thanks.

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