Sorry about the delay on the game pack.  I tried sending it to Louis's 
Braillesoft site because he offered to host it, but the pack is so huge now 
that my smtp server just shut down mid-transmission.  Knowing how big the pack 
is, about 36 megs, I just mailed to make sure he has enough room on his site to 
host it.  By the way, the pack unzipped is about 95 megs--a huge amount of 
accessible games!
When I get his reply I'll send it on.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to get hold of an 
old friend of mine who, I am sure, will be able to help me get my own 
home-based site started.
In the meantime though, I have some exciting news.  It is shareware, but

I have finally found it!
It's the only game of its kind accessible to the PM.  It's handmark's Pocket 
In every other chess game I have come across, you could either see the squares 
or the pieces but not both.  This one's different though--you see it all and 
can play with no problems.
I'll let yall know as soon as I post it.
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