Here's a few commands new players might find useful:

+hint: Tells you exactly where you are in the storyline, and usually what to do next. It's a little buggy in the later storyline, but it works. Items: Shows you a detailed list of your inventory, usually telling you what an item is used for. You can also type items itemname to get detailed info on that item spacifically, how much it weighs, its value, etc. can carry lb or kg: This tells you how much more weight you can carry in either pounds or kilograms. +help: Shows you the game help itself. If you just type help without the plus side, you get the basic mush help. The in game help isn't a lot better, but lists some fairly useful commands.

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Hmm. Don't know what to do after doing the task that Finn gives. All the other NPCs I've talked to give me newbie tips, which I don't want, I want quests. One boy told me to go to a treehouse, which I found. I think that's the guild areas, which I can't access yet because I'm not level 4.

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