People have probably noticed I've not been as verbal in the past while, --- 
both here and on the audiogames.net forums. Partly this is due to me actually 
getting some work done for a change, but also this is because I've been 
investigating a really interesting game, ---- the dungeon exploration Roguelike 

I found that mucking about with certain graphical options and changing tile 
size made the game's display visible for me, and of course Hal would read the 
text without any trouble. 

I've tried roguelikes before, but found the ascii graphics too small to see, 
and too confusing with a screen reader, however Angband's graphical tile set 
does work for me. 

I've been having discussions on the forum and E-mailing the game's maintainer 
about making a few changes to the game to allow it to be played without 
reference to the graphics, ---- ascii or otherwise. There are already several 
really useful options, such as the ability to list all visible monsters and 
items on screen at a key press, the ability to click betwene interesting 
objects, and to targit them remotely without having to use direction. 

I believe that if a coordinates system for examined objects, a directional look 
command, and possibly some extra messages about uncovered exits, the game would 
be entirely playable without reference to the graphics, simply as a grid based, 
complex rpg with a heavy combat basis. 

I'm pleased to say I got the following response from the maintainer recently: 

Thanks very much for the email.  I did read the forum 
thread, but for 
various reasons haven't had time to fully consider what 
you've written 
yet.  I will file bugs on the bug tracker for what you 
suggest and 
hopefully get them in for the 3.1.2 release.

Sinse the current release is 3.10, this might be a while, ---- stil I do find 
it encouraging. 

Angband is a fantastic game, and what's more, has innumerable varients which 
use the same game engine (and thus would also be accessible), and I deffinately 
hope more people will find it easier to play soon. 

Ps: I know Zac has played it already using ascii graphics, so I'd appreciate 
his oppinion here. 

Beware the Grue! 

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