I used to play asylum quite a bit, I think I still remember the majority of the zones and such. Its definitely a tough mud, given all the deathtraps and such lying around. The only plus is that its rather hard to lose to mobs as long as you get a good set of equipment. I've got a few characters on there, Talerous, Karanthus, Korgoth and Gordan, feel free to look me up some time if I'm on if you need help collecting equipment or being shown around some good eq zones and such. I remember how tough it can be to get all your stuff back after hitting a deathtrap, so I'm always willing to help out.

As for materia magica, a lot of that stuff actually sounds rather interesting. I've always liked the idea of ship combat, will have to look into that. I restarted my character the other day to try to get all the quests in the newbie zone done since it transports you out at level 10, I'm not Gordon the minotaur barbarian. Decided to go my usual warrior route since ranger was kinda cool but was less than ideal as a fighter mage combination it seemed.

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Hey Mike,
well what sort of things do you mean to keep it from getting boring? the problem wit muds is that they are open ended and all usually have some redundency. In Materia lets see, you level of course. You can do this either by killing, getting marks, questing etc. once you are leveled, there are runs. runs are tasks that usually require a form and you go through a bunch of tasks to take on a very strong and hard mob who gives nice rewards either in eq or gold or things like that. My husband does form runs all the time and is great with them. He would help give suggestions on working in forms better. You can obtaina ship and kill pirates for gold and exp. I haven't done this yet but my husband has found a way to work with the ascii map. When you archon you get hunters periodically. you can quest any time. search for marks. another mud I am trying is asylum. I don't know exactly how to describe it other then that it appears to be very puzzle oriented. I messed with it years ago but am trying it more now. the combat is very primative and many parts are confusing still to me but I like the Idea of trying to figure out the puzzles or quests as they call them.
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